Damage to your home or business caused by hurricanes and other severe weather conditions can be a devastating experience for your family, and repairing it can be a stressful and complex process.

Triangle Building Company is here to help you get your life back on track. We are your trusted storm restoration contractor. Our team is experienced in assessing the damage a storm has caused to your home or business as well as the intricate process of working with your insurance company to get the work approved and completed as quickly as possible.

We work with all insurance companies to replace damaged roofs and gutters in a quick and timely manner. Our goal is to make your storm repair and restoration process as painless and stress-free as possible.


Our Process


 When it comes time to file your insurance claim, it is important to find a trusted contractor to do the repairs on your home or business. Here’s a general overview of how we’ll handle your insurance claim. 

Adjuster Inspection

 Our team will meet an adjuster from your insurance company to inspect your property for damage. Our team will assist the adjuster in identifying all damages and they will come to a mutual resolution for the scope of work to be performed. 

Loss Summary and First Check

 Your insurance company will supply you with a summary detailing the pricing and scope of work covered in your claim. Also included will be your ACV check, which will be the claim amount minus the depreciation.   We’ll review your loss summary with you. Our Project Managers will answer any questions you may have and will ensure all necessary damages have been covered.  

Select and Order Materials

  You will select materials and colors to be used for your project. All of our Project Managers  are knowledgeable in each product we offer and are able to review all of the necessary information with you.   Once you have authorized the work to be done, materials are ordered using your ACV check as a down payment. The amount of the payment will vary depending on the claim.  

Complete Restoration

 When materials arrive at the job site, Triangle Building Company will be there to inventory the materials. Weather permitting, work will begin within a day and the job will finish in a timely and satisfactory fashion. 

Supplements and Final Payment

  Occasionally, additional labor and materials are needed to complete a project. If this is the case, you will not have to pay these expenses out of your own pocket.  We will work with your insurance company to supplement the additional costs.

Once your job is satisfactorily completed, we will invoice your insurance company for the final check, which is known as the depreciation. Your Project Manager will collect the final payment after you receive the check from your insurance company.

Why TBC?

FREE Inspections

We offer complimentary roofing inspections for your property after the storm so that you can get your claim started right away.

Local Professionals

 We serve Eastern North Carolina, from Raleigh to Wilmington, and the surrounding metropolitan areas. 

Licensed & Insured

 We believe in operating our business ethically and legitimately.  We are a licensed NC General Contractor and carry full workers compensation and general liability insurance. 

We Work with All Insurance Companies!