Nearly a decade ago, TBC started as a general construction company with a focus on quality workmanship at a fair price. Whether it was adding an addition, replacing a roof, or building a new home, we took on one project at a time, putting all of our energy into that job and making sure we delivered on our promise to be among the best construction companies in North Carolina.

Like so many other companies, we worked to grow our business, trying to be everything to everyone.  We took on more work, different types of projects and worked with different types of clients.  We took ourselves out of our comfort zone and stretched into areas we hadn't performed in.  And like so many of those other companies, we had our successes and our failures.  Through all of the changes, the growth, the wins and the loses, we recognized that growing a profitable organization, in our case, didn’t coincide with being able to take on any type of project as we once did.  So we narrowed our focus down to what we were most successful with - roofing.

Fast forward a few years and we are proud to be considered one of North Carolina's premier roofing contractors, serving residents and businesses throughout the Triangle, the State and the Southeast.   And while the projects that we take on are a bit different then when we started, our commitment to quality workmanship remains at the forefront of what we do.

Our Mission and Our Vision

We set ourselves out to be North Carolina's best roofing contractor.

Our Mission is to always strive to perform the highest level of quality services for our clients, at fair and market competitive prices, through honest relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and clients.

Our Core Values

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Customer Satisfaction

We identify, understand and exceed customer expectations.

Quality & Safety

Our services, products and solutions meet or exceed the unique requirements of the client.


We conduct business with fairness and honesty.


We are dedicated to stellar effort, positive attitude and high performance.

Creativity & Innovation

We encourage new ways to implement solutions.